How to Remove Pen Writing From Paper

How to Remove Pen Writing From Paper

If you’ve written with a pen on paper, you may be wondering how to remove it. There are several options, but we’ll focus on three basic ones here. Rubbing alcohol, Nail polish remover, and baking soda are all effective. These methods work by gently removing the ink, but they’re not as effective as one another. So, which one should you try first? Follow the instructions carefully to ensure that you don’t cause further damage to the paper.


You can remove ink from paper by using a rubbing oil or toothpaste. These ingredients will dissolve the ink. Then, you can rub the ink-covered area with the cleaning solution. Then, rotate to a new area as the cleaning solution transfers the ink. Another solution is to use a soft brush, such as a baby’s hair brush, or a pumice stone.

If you’re using an eraser, it’s best to use a simple blade eraser for ink that’s easily removed. This method works best with pencils and printed ink. Make sure to hold the eraser vertically on the paper and rub gently. Avoid rubbing too hard or the blade will rip away layers of paper. To determine whether you’ll be able to erase ink, you should test the erasability of the ink. If the ink is not erasable, you can use a gum eraser. You shouldn’t use rubber erasers for ink that’s difficult to remove. If you don’t have a rubber eraser, you can try sandpaper. Make sure not to rub too hard or you’ll create a bigger mess.

Rubbing alcohol

If you’ve ever been disappointed to find a mess on your paper, rub the ink away with rubbing alcohol. The chemical isopropyl in rubbing alcohol can effectively remove pen writing from paper, as long as it’s applied with a cotton swab. Use as little or as much as needed. Half a teaspoon should be plenty to remove most scribbles, while a full teaspoon is probably not necessary.

You can also use white-out to cover up any pen writing. This will work as long as you apply the white-out lightly. However, rubbing alcohol can damage your paper. If you’re not confident in the power of rubbing alcohol, you can always use a lemon to cover up the ink. However, this method does not work on lighter pens, as the ink in these pens is erasable.

Nail polish remover

If you have a messy pen mark, you may be wondering how to remove pen writing from paper with nail polish. In most cases, the ink is easily removed using acetone, a solvent. You can buy acetone from your hardware store and apply it using a cotton swab or bud. Use a paper towel to wipe away the excess liquid. Continue until the paper is free of any ink.

Before applying acetone or nail polish remover, make sure that it doesn’t stain the paper. Although nail polish remover is an excellent solvent for removing pen writing, it can be harmful for your skin. Never apply acetone or nail polish remover to your eyes, ears, or mouth. These products can damage your liver or even cause death. When using nail polish remover, it’s best to use clear polish remover.

Baking soda

This is a relatively simple way to erase pen writing from paper. Just mix some baking soda with some water, and then dab it on the ink. You don’t want to get too much paste on your paper, or you’ll end up ruining it. You should use the consistency of icing, and you can use a toothpick to apply the paste to the erased letters. If you want to use a little more paste, you can keep the bowl in the fridge.

Lemon juice is another option for erasing ink. Lemon juice contains a high acidic substance that helps to lift ink from paper. Simply fill an 8-oz jar half way with lemon juice and use a cotton ball to gently rub it in. Make sure to be gentle, as lemon juice is acidic and can damage paper. For best results, use heavyweight paper, as it will be more resistant to pen erasure than light-weight paper.

Erasable pen

You can use an erasable pen to remove pen writing from paper when you want to make changes. These pens are great for erasing mistakes and writing without damaging the paper. They are also a great alternative to pencils for bullet journaling and doodling. Those who want to keep a clean sketchbook should invest in an erasable pen to avoid tearing the paper.

The first step in using an erasable pen to remove pen writing from paper is to erase the ink. Using a standard eraser is ineffective for erasing pen writing, so you should use an erasable gel pen. These pens come in a variety of colors and body styles. To determine if they are best for your purpose, test out each one with a different type of eraser.