How to Use Calligraphy Writing Paper

How to Use Calligraphy Writing Paper

When creating a calligraphy project, it is important to choose sturdy writing paper to prevent ink bleeding or catching on the nib. Beginners may have problems getting the nibs to stay in place on a rough paper, so it is best to practice on smoother papers at first. However, if you are a professional calligrapher, you will need to purchase a thicker paper with a higher fiber density for your project.

Watercolor paper

Watercolor paper for calligraphy is a great choice for a variety of reasons. If you are using an Aquabrush pen, this paper is an excellent choice. It is also compatible with brushes and watercolor paints. Watercolor paper for calligraphy has specific characteristics and should be affordable. A few things to look for are smoothness, thickness, and color range. Listed below are the advantages of watercolor paper for calligraphy.

Rag paper is made of natural fibres and has a neutral pH, so it won’t yellow with time. Rag papers contain a gelatin size that makes them an excellent support for calligraphy inks. Some rag papers are labeled as acid-free, while others are not. Regardless of the type of paper you choose, there are some basic guidelines to consider. Watercolor paper for calligraphy is ideal for artwork that’s not intended to be framed.

Rhodia Dotpad

If you’ve been tempted by calligraphy work but don’t know where to start, Rhodia’s Dotpad calligraphy writing paper is a great choice. This thin A6 paper is coated and smooth to create a durable surface for writing. The top cover folds over the pad in the natural shape of a stack of paper. The durable surface prevents tears and creases, and there are no visible staples on the back of the paper.

Rhodia Dotpad calligraphy writing papers are staple bound with a black or orange cardstock cover and pre-scored pages. Each sheet has a pale violet 5-x-5 ruled grid for ease of word spacing and letter angles. There are three sheets per pad, so it should be convenient to use both sides of the sheet. If you’d like to try calligraphy without the ruled grid, you can also opt for a blank sheet, which will work just fine for practice purposes.

Southworth Linen

Southworth Paper Company offers a variety of fine quality papers. The 25 percent cotton linen-finish business paper is perfect for stationery, business correspondence, and legal documents. The white paper offers a classic linen finish that makes images pop. It loads easily in standard printer trays. It is also archival and contains up to 30% recycled fibers. If you’re looking for paper to use with your calligraphy supplies, try Southworth.

The LCI Brand linen paper is a refined quality of paper. The paper has a slight smudge of cotton, but it won’t affect the printability. The paper is sturdy and uniform, with strong fibers. It has a subtle embossed pattern that is elegant and subtle. If you’re using an Epson R5000 printer, order a sample of LCI Linen paper to see what you think.

Clairefontaine Paper

The Clairefontaine Calligraphy Pad contains 25 sheets of smooth Japanese-style 130gsm paper. The high-quality paper is a perfect choice for calligraphers who prefer a smooth surface. The paper is suitable for both beginners and professionals, and offers the perfect canvas for detailed calligraphy. Each sheet is made with careful attention to detail, giving each design a high-quality finish.

The Clairefontaine paper is a dream to work with, offering a fine hairline. You can buy Clairefontaine papers in fine stationery stores and online. The paper is a bit expensive, but the results are worth it. You can use any fine nib to write on this paper, and it’s lighter weight, allowing for guidelines. However, you should always practice on a piece of paper with a bleed-proof surface before moving to a more expensive calligraphy paper.

The Clairefontaine Calligraphy Pad is a multipurpose calligraphy paper that is ideal for both classical and contemporary calligraphy. The paper is a high-quality 130gsm paper that is acid-free. It also works great with brushes and fibre-tip brush pens. It ships within 1-3 business days. And you can support a charity by purchasing a Clairefontaine pad!